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Ken Valdez

Ken Valdez fuses elements of blues, rock, funk and Latin music to create a sound all his own. His latest release “Soul Renegade” was met with critical acclaim and featured appearances/collaborations with a few well known special guests ranging from guitar phenoms like Eric Gales and Doyle Bramhall II to members of Fleetwood Mac and even Prince's rhythm secion. It also caught the attention of the legendary Billy Gibbons who asked Ken to open his recent solo tour and then go on the road with the iconic ZZ Top. Currently, Valdez is touring while working on a new record! This world class guitarist/singer/songwriter/producer is a fresh, new voice in the blues/rock landscape. Whether he is playing with his full band or performing solo/acoustic, you will find his music is moving, can burn like a wildfire and shake your very soul!

Dustin Pari.jpg

Dustin, a stalwart music lover, is best known for his work on the SyFy Channel shows Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International, as well as an episode of Destination Truth. He has traveled the world investigating claimed of paranormal activity with style and kindness. While he is still very much involved in the paranormal, he has focused most of his attention today on his motivational work through lectures and his webseries, "Hey! Got A Minute?". In addition to all of that, Dustin is also a published author of multiple books and appears at countless events and conventions throughout the US every year!

Brandy Green Ghost Hunters International

Perhaps best known for her work as an international investigator and historian on the SyFy Channel's "Ghost Hunters International" (aka GHI), Brandy has traveled to forty countries, six continents and most of the United States investigating the paranormal and producing television. It was through "Ghost Hunters International" that Brandy became longtime friends with co-star and fellow investigator Dustin Pari. In addition to GHI, she has appeared on "Ghost Hunters", worked production on the Travel Channel show "Bizarre Foods Delicious Destinations" with Andrew Zimmern for six seasons and was an Associate Field Producer on Destination America's "Haunted Towns" S1. She is a published photographer, is the creator/writer of the comic book trilogy "Dark Dispatches" and has a degree in Secondary Education with emphasis in History. Brandy has worked as a freelance television and film producer for over a decade and spends her time between Los Angeles and the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Brandy is the co-creator of Blues N Bones, working alongside her friend of over a decade, musician Ken Valdez. Together, along with some very helpful co-coordinators, they are working to bring the public an unforgettable experience: combining the world of music and the mystery of the paranormal into a one of a kind event!

Coyote Chris Sutton.jpg

Coyote Chris Sutton is a shamanic practitioner/paranormal investigator who began his spiritual journey over 25 years ago and has since worked to help others to bring harmony to their lives and to uncover the spiritual gifts that each person possesses. Coyote Chris is a member of the Red Cedar Circle of SW Illinois that follows the Si-Si Wiss medicine tradition of the Pacific Northwest Coast and he has received teachings in other shamanic traditions, including the Lakota medicine path. He has been trained in many of the psychic arts, including numerology, tarot, and dowsing.

He began doing paranormal investigations in 1998, primarily using his shamanic skills, and focuses on helping people who are having problems with negative paranormal events. He specializes in outdoor investigating using his shamanic skills to connect with the energy, the elementals, and the spirits of the land. Coyote Chris strives to bring light to the darkest places and is often called upon to deal with difficult personal and paranormal problems. In 2019, he appeared on “Ghost Adventures” (“Curse of the Riverbend: The Mineral Spings Hotel”). He has also appeared on “Dead Files Revisited” in 2013 (“Evil Underground and Killed By the Klan”) and “Ghost Lab” in 2009 (“If Walls Could Talk”). Coyote Chris has been featured in several You Tube videos, and he is a monthly contributor on the videocast “Scarefest Television” where he and Sharla Hardin host “The Spirit Drum”. He has presented at several spiritual and paranormal conventions across the country and has been on podcasts in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain.

Coyote Chris' main purpose is to help others as that's what we do with the gifts that Creator has given us. He does healing work, spiritual advisement, paranormal investigations, psychic readings, house cleansings, protecting people and dwellings, and spiritual teachings. Chris is an experienced presenter, musician, and storyteller and he can bring informational, uplifting and entertaining presentations to any event.


Former Marine Corps Platoon Sergeant Brian Murray is a paranormal investigator on the “Ghost Hunters” team (A+E). Brian uses his military experience to bring an organized, structured approach to each investigation, from creating a plan and assigning tasks to overseeing “the mission” from start to finish. Brian founded his most recent team, Riverbend Paranormal, in 2007 and has conducted more than 200 investigations, many of them in private homes. Thanks to his day job in construction, Brian has a solid knowledge of foundations, buildings and plumbing, allowing him to quickly assess and debunk structural situations that a homeowner might believe to be supernatural. Brian values the importance of evidence review as an arduous multi-step process and believes that, “in this business, nobody has all the right answers except for the dead themselves.”

Mike Ricksecker.jpg

Mike Ricksecker is the author of the best-selling A Walk In The Shadows: A Complete Guide To Shadow People and the historic paranormal books Ghosts of Maryland, Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma, Campfire Tales: Midwest, Ghostorian Case Files, and the Encounters With The Paranormal series. He has appeared on multiple television shows and programs as a paranormal historian, including Travel Channel’s The Alaska Triangle, Animal Planet’s The Haunted, Bio Channel’s My Ghost Story, and RenTV’s (Russia) Mysteries of Mankind, Fox 5 News (Washington DC), Fox 25 News (Oklahoma City), ABC 3 News (Virginia Beach), Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory, and he produces his own Internet paranormal shows Ghosts and Legends, Paranormal Roads, and Friday Night Ghost Frights. On Tuesday nights, he hosts The Edge of the Rabbit Hole Livestream Show and Beyond The Shadows on the Haunted Road Media YouTube channel. Haunted Road Media is also his own paranormal and supernatural book publishing and video production company representing a number of paranormal authors, winning the award for Excellent Media In The Paranormal Field at the 2019 Shockfest Film Festival.

Mike’s historic paranormal articles have been published in The Baltimore Sun, Paranormal Underground Magazine, and he previously wrote an Oklahoma City paranormal column for (2010 – 2014). His work has also been featured in The Oklahoman, The Frederick News Post, Marshall University’s The Parthenon, and Louisiana State University’s Civil War Book Review.

Additionally, Mike is an Amazon best-selling mystery author with two entries to his Chase Michael DeBarlo private detective series, Deadly Heirs and System of the Dead. With nearly 30 years of involvement in the paranormal, Mike serves as a paranormal investigator and “Ghostorian” with Society of the Haunted and regularly travels to speak about supernatural phenomenon.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Mike is a father of four and is an avid baseball fan.

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